Tree Removal

If you have a tree that needs to be removed for visual/property improvements OR a tree that shows signs of distress – such as lightning damage, mushrooms growing at the base, bark buckling, or seeping cavities - it may be time to call and seek our expert advice. Once symptoms of decline become apparent, it is sometimes too late to stop or reverse the damage, but we gladly offer free estimates and a plan of attack. We work openly and honestly with the customer to determine the most effective course of action. No job is too big or too small.

Tree Trimming

Cutters Unlimited, LLC specializes in trimming any type of tree. In fact, we trim trees year round because, when done properly, trimming will help to extend your tree’s life-span. Tree trimming has many benefits: it can improve a tree’s circulation, remove dangerous limbs that are dead or dying, expose more area to sunshine, improve the structure of a tree, and often times the trimming will open up a property and improve the view. Tree trimming is especially important for trees growing close to or above houses, as the trimming can lighten the weight of the top growth, remove the damaged limbs, and possibly prevent roof damage from heavy branches brushing against shingles. Please see below for samples of before and after pictures.

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Street-side trees that needed some lifting
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Customer wanted to show off the property
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When you live on the lake, you should be able to see the lake
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We service all of Lake Norman residents
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Curbside cleanup
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Dead limbs needing clean up
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Sometimes limbs over your house can be hazardous when ice arrives

Lot Clearing

Overgrown and unsightly backyards can deter a new homeowner and present an uphill battle to any long-standing homeowner. Whether you want to improve your new investment or if your next project involves remodeling your backyard, putting in new grass, or setting up a play area, Cutters Unlimited, LLC will be happy to provide you with lot clearing options. We will professionally clear the lot by chipping/mulching overgrowth, removing dead trees, and haul away the unwanted clutter that may be delaying your future plans.

Stump Grinding

The removal of a tree and the leftover stump go hand in hand, so once the initial problem of a distressed, diseased, or unwanted tree has been solved, attention turns to how to deal with the remaining tree stump. Cutters Unlimited, LLC can control the height of the stump and can also offer options on how to deal with it. Of course, the quick fix is to simply cut it low to the ground (can cover with mulch), but we can gladly solve the issue long term and eliminate the leftover stump with stump grinding.

Free Chipped Mulch and Wood !

Based on location and availability, Cutters Unlimited, LLC offers free chipped mulch and firewood (ready to split). Simply contact us ahead of time and we can drop off any excess mulch/wood when we are in your area. Please note that the free mulch or wood cannot be specified in advance as it depends on the jobs scheduled at the time. This is a free service, and will be based solely on a first come, first serve basis depending on service area and what is available at that time.

Crane Services

There are some instances where conventional methods will not be the recommended, safest, or most efficient approach to removing or trimming a tree. Therefore, if the need arises, Cutters Unlimited, LLC is able to offer crane services for those jobs that will require more equipment to complete in a highly safe environment and timely manner. If a crane service is needed, we will work with the customer to make sure all aspects are thoroughly covered and understood in advance.

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